Fancy Dog Studio : How it all started!

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The day that I started offering instant digital downloads in my Etsy shop, I knew it would be a life changer. Before that I was sending my files via e-mail. I was always tied to my computer, just in case I got an order. Automating the download process allowed me to focus my efforts on other parts of my business. My personal life benefited too, I didn't have to constantly worry about sending orders quickly!

When I launched instant downloads my customers loved it! My sales skyrocketed and my customers were so happy to have their files immediately. I also was flooded with e-mails from other Etsy shop owners who wanted to know how I was offering instant downloads. That is how CraftHub was born. After months of development and preparation my husband and I launched CraftHub in August of 2012.

Claudine Hellmuth - Printable Downloads

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Claudine has been featured in The New York Times, appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV and The DIY Network.

With CraftHub I was ready when a major blogger linked to my shop and I was flooded with hundreds of orders. Delivery was quick and seamless and I didn't have to worry that my customers were getting their files. I also love that I can customize the file download page with my own branding for a truly professional look!

DigiScrapDelights - Digital Scrapbooking Downloads

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Robin is the mother of 11 and has 20 grandchildren. She also designs lap books for home schoolers.

Once Crafthub began delivering my digital images automatically I could focus my time on design instead of delivery. It is a huge timesaver. The delivery reports are easy to use showing when downloads are complete. I can also personalize the delivery email with coupons and special offers. I’ve wished for a delivery system all year and so grateful Crafthub does everything I hoped for and more. I can even view bestsellers by quantity- something missing from Etsy reports.

GreatGraphics - Digital Paper and Clip Art

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Beth also coaches other Etsy sellers and offers graphic design tutorials through her website, 

I sell digital graphics on Etsy as Great Graphics. Until Crafthub came along, I was chained to my computer all day in order to send my files out in a timely manner. Crafthub has given me my life back. I can go hours or all day without having to check and see if my orders have been sent.

Crafthub sends them out faster than I ever could have, even when sitting right at my computer. It is the BEST thing that has happened to me since starting my Etsy shop.

MyWiredImagination - Jewelry Tutorials

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Bobbi creates her jewelry techniques and tutorials from her home in Saint Petersburg, FL.

My favorite tool for my Etsy shop is something of a "Holy Grail" kind of app for any Etsy seller with digital products - Instant Digital Download Delivery by - I have so much more time to create and their customer service is priceless

Sonya Dehart Design - Commercial Use Clip Art

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CraftHub has been the saving grace for my business. Prior to crafthub I was having trouble with delivering my files to customers in a timely manner while still trying to find time to design as well. I was spending more time sending orders than I was promoting my shop and making new things to sell. I felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel and could never get caught up. Since I have implemented CraftHub into my business my sales revenue has gone through the roof and I have much more time to design new things and promote my shop. I couldn't possibly live without this service.